Thinking In Full Color (TIFC) is an arts and education organization focused on empowering women of color. Through theater and community-driven talkbacks, TIFC empowers female-identified creators while educating audiences about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues and cultural exchange. TIFC offers women writers a unique platform to tell their stories and gives women actors an opportunity to perform work written for them, by women like them -- an elusive level of authenticity. We also create opportunities for women in education, literature, visual art, music, comedy, dance and other fields.

The program was birthed from In Full Color, an annual theatrical event celebrating women of color. Founded in 2015 by director Summer Dawn Reyes in Jersey City, N.J., the program has since included work by writers from New York, New Jersey, California, Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, Texas and Minnesota. These monologues have sparked dialogues about numerous social issues -- everything from the double-edged sword of Indian domesticity and the perseverance of Latina sexuality, to exactly what matters about Black lives. Today, these discussions are more important than ever.

WOC are extremely underrepresented in theater, the arts and the mainstream media. In Full Color aims to help these women take ownership of their stories and find ways to let their voices be heard. Perhaps more importantly, it also gives audiences a platform to talk back, ask questions and even tell their own tales.


In April 2017, Summer Dawn Reyes received an Assembly Commendation from Assemblyman Raj Mukherji and the N.J. State Legislature for her work with TIFC, her theater company 68 Productions and her support of Surati Inc.'s Holi Hai.

In Nov. 2017, In Full Color was nominated for three BroadwayWorld New Jersey awards: Best Cabaret or Musical Performance, Best Choreography (Autumn Perez) and Best Set Design (Alicia Ruth).

In Nov. 2018, TIFC won the Jersey City Arts Council's Performing Arts Award. TIFC was also nominated for a BroadwayWorld New Jersey award for Best Community Theater Company.


  • To inform and entertain audiences of all ages at outdoor events, small community theaters, community centers and educational institutions, among other venues. In our educational outreach efforts, we focus on audiences aged 14 to 21.

  • To create cross-cultural exchange in which both commonalities and differences are embraced and cultural perspective is gained by all parties involved. Audience members find themselves relating to the feelings, thoughts or experiences of people from different backgrounds while also learning about cultural issues they may have no experience with.

  • To foster cultural curiosity. Focusing only on commonalities is an unrealistic solution that sometimes leads to cultural erasure. Embracing our differences and having genuine, respectful interest in each other’s cultures, however, creates dialogues that are a step forward for race relations between many groups.

  • To bring awareness to the need for diversity in the media and arts. The program discusses race-blind casting, whitewashing, cultural appropriation and other issues in American and Western pop culture. We will also discuss possible solutions and the ultimate goal, which is having diverse casts in which people of color (POC) are more than people of their color.

  • To encourage racial harmony. By showing a fuller picture of POC as humans with desires, needs, thoughts, feelings and challenges in various subjects, we hope to show that people of all colors are people – people who deserve love, respect, peace and freedom.

  • To expand society’s views of women’s issues. We aim to tell a wide range of women’s stories that show the diverse topics that are important to women: family, body image, relationships, friendships, jobs, education, sexual liberation, political rights and more. Women of all colors are also people – people who deserve love, respect, peace and freedom.

  • To create artistic opportunities for women and people of color. We recruit women of color for as many of our positions as possible, from writing to acting to graphic design. We do, however, enjoy working with people of all genders and all colors. We believe a diverse working environment is key for TIFC to accomplish its objectives.

Thinking In Full Color is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Thinking In Full Color must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. To donate and support women of color, please click the link above in our website header or click here.

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