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Susannah is a Jewish woman with Mexican heritage who considers herself to have dual citizenship between Jersey City and New York City. She is pursuing a career in nursing after a lifetime of focusing on writing and theater, but sees no reason not to integrate this whenever possible. She also runs Antifragile Tarot, an explicitly LGBTQIA friendly tarot business.


She made her In Full Color debut this June with her poem "Wailing at a Wall," where she explores multiple dichotomies that are part of her identity -- Jewish and Mexican, JC and NYC, bisexual and married to a man. Instead of erecting walls between our cultures, societies and identities, Susannah asks us to break them down and make more room for everyone else at our tables.


While Susannah is not the first Jewish woman to be part of In Full Color, she was the first to focus on her Jewish identity in her piece and inspired multiple Jewish-identified people in the audience this summer.


Visit her on IG at @antifragiletarot

Susannah Goya-Pack



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