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Yhá Mourhia is best known to In Full Color fans as the opener for 2017's show. Her rousing poem "African Drum" combined poetry, rhythm and audience interaction to set the tone for the evening. You may also know her for her popular digital series, "#LoveMyRoomie," which started as a web series and has since expanded into a film festival sensation.


The show follows Giselle, U’Moriah, and Yasmine -- three roommates who are social late bloomers on the cusp of self-discovery as they navigate the frenzied roller coaster of life. The women find themselves under pressure to assume adulthood independence while establishing their individuality. Unspoken struggles with sexual exploration, familial obligations, and mental illness challenge the women's bond.

Yhá Mourhia has receive numerous honors for her work as the director, writer and lead actress of the series. She graduated with her MFA in Acting from The Actors Studio Drama School in NYC. She also developed original plays such as "Sins Have Come" and "Détroit: Across The Tracks." During her last year of school, she also developed her first feature film screenplay, "Small Windows."

She is currently running a crowdfunding campaign for #LoveMyRoomie's post-production! Donate here.

Yhá Mourhia Wright



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