Thinking In Full Color (TIFC) is an award-winning organization that empowers women of color through education and the arts. Our primary realm is the theatrical world -- through performances and talkbacks, we empower woman-identified creators while educating audiences about the need for diversity in the media, racial issues and cultural exchange.


We offer women writers a unique platform to tell their stories and give women actors an opportunity to perform work written for them, by women like them -- an elusive level of authenticity. We also create opportunities for women in education, literature, visual art, music, comedy, dance and other fields.

We have featured work by dozens of women from across the Americas and have received two commendations from the New Jersey State Assembly, numerous BroadwayWorld award nominations and the inaugural Performing Arts Award from the Jersey City Arts Council in 2018.

Thinking In Full Color is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Thinking In Full Color must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas” only and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. To donate and support women of color, please click the link above in our website header or click here.

Who Are We?

Honored by NJ State Assembly

We received a commendation from the State of New Jersey in May 2017 and again in November 2018 for our contributions to the arts in N.J.

Pioneers of Diversity

Our programming has featured over 60 Black, Hispanic/Latina, Asian, Middle Eastern/Arab, Native American and multiracial women from 8 states

Outstanding Creators

We are proud to receive the Performing Arts Award from the Jersey City Arts Council in 2018 in recognition of our contributions to the arts community.

Multi-Talented Women

We create opportunities for women writers, actresses, visual artists, comics, dancers, musicians and many more creatives in diverse fields.

What's Happening?

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